Thursday, May 13, 2010


Lately I've been really loving homes using salvaged wood throughtout,  whether it be an old door used as a dining room table or doors used as wall panels! I think it adds character and history to a room!  the pictures below are from an article in Elle Decor were Botbol, who oversees the women’s collections at Polo Ralph Lauren, his partner, Arthur Krystofiak, an entrepreneur in hospitality and real estate.  They were interested only in “restoration and preservation,” Botbol says. and came up with the idea for "a kind of neo-Gothic barn with a modernist twist.”

The dining room walls are doors salvaged from an old ship and they then added vertical windows and skylights to the main room

 The staircase in the den is a sculputral modern version of a staircase because they would not find an antique.  the modern staircase is a great contrast to the casually displayed artwork, persian rug and salvaged wood. The barn had been moved in the 1860s from a nearby farm, and then, around 1910, the crisscross windows, salvaged from an old church were added.

Salvaged wood staircase by artisan Timothy Johnson

Finally, I found this great site based out of my very own San Diego named Sea Junk that specializes in authentic old ship relics from around the world at Maidhof Bros. Shipware. 
*get inspired*

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