Monday, May 23, 2011

Playing with Fire

Light is a great way to add an unexpected and exciting design into you home!

This pinecone pendant lamp was designed by Pave; Eekra and mimics the shape of the pine cone.  The 56 semi-transparents scales create a soft and inviting glow. Each scale is held together by a single screw and is hidden by the scale before it. 

Nathalie Dewez creates lamps by Sol-air, halogen lamp and plays with the concept of light and shadow.  She combines long and thin carbon tubes, Lamp06 or Prism-frame for lighting, made of steel and then colored.  Her materials include metal, glass, and technological materials like carbon fiber.

4U+Lightscene space-themed lamps 

Mediterraneo is a result of Swarovski’s collaboration with architect and designer Gaetano Pesce. These lights are designed in the same style of a traditional chandelier, but Pesce’s design consists of 140 crystal strands, each one consisting of 87 swarovski crystals lit up by LEDs that change color and also change shape and emit a scent. 

Jeroen Verhoeven has created a large chandelier named Virtue of Blue adorned with 502 blue butterflies.  Solar panels were cut into the shapes of four different breeds of butterfly.

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