Saturday, March 27, 2010

Look Out Above!

Why do floors and walls get all the attention???  Is the ceiling some sort of ugly-step sister??  Or is the idea of dealing with dripping and looking up getting the best of the us??

As I was sitting in my history of interiors class, it dawned on me that in this day and age the ceiling is ignored and neglected.  think about it: back in the renaissance they had gorgeous murals and paintings. The middle ages, baroque and rococo, and onward also had coffered ceilings, trusses, painted ceilings, etc. The ceiling can really make a room (if done the right way, of course!)

If I wasn't renting an apartment right now then i would be getting rid of this horrid popcorn ceiling righttt abouttt....NOW!

  1. Painted Ceilings  
I love the two toned effect in this room!  Since the ceiling receives the least amount of light in a room, painting it a lighter shade than the walls seems to almost lift the top off the room!  The lighter shade also brings out the architectural details that might have otherwise been lost had the room been one solid shade of turquoise.   
2.  Pressed Tin Ceiling

     I'm OBSESSING over this tin pressed ceiling! *I DIE!*  It can be expensive BUT it is well worth it.  I also read an article about a couple from Idaho who re-purposed tin from an old home and re-installed it in their kitchen and dining room for $200...total!  check it out here: Pressed Tin Ceiling
I could honestly write a whole entry on my love of tin pressed ceilings. I also love their versatility from an art deco look to a charming Victorian appeal, from ceilings to backslashes, from kitchens to just about any room in the house!  One more thing and then i'm shutting up:  You can order samples for free (just pay shipping) to test out the different looks and patterns from places such as Architectural Depot.

Plaster of Paris

3.  Plastered Ceilings

I LOVE my history to interiors class, which I'm sure everyone get's sick of hearing me talk about.  However, It's endlessly amazing to me how not that much has changed in the last few hundred years, seriously.  When I go out now I see Greek "Klismos" chairs, Italian "Dante" chairs.  even one of my favorite pieces ever, the chaise, is from the Greek Kline/ Roman Lectus so they could have their heads up to eat!  Maybe it's because they are timeless and why mess with it???  When I heard Barry Dixon Speak at the Laguna Design Center, I noticed that he used a lot of plastered ceilings. 

The Plaster of Paris ceiling corner I found caught my attention for a number of reasons.  The first being that when I hear "Plaster of Paris" I immediately think of middle school art class and secondly because I had no idea how beautiful it could be!

4.  Glass Ceiling

A glass or other reflective covered ceiling calls for an amazing lighting job.  The light will literally dance off the reflective surfaces and illuminate the whole room!  Although this style is more commonly seen in modern interiors, I think it has the possibility to work in a transitional style home if done properly.

5. Coffered Ceilings

I love coffered ceilings!  They add such a unique element to a home.  I also love when contrasting colors are used, such as white and a dark brown to give a beam-like effect.  Here, the coffered ceiling really calls attention to the octagonal  shape of the room which is echoed in the ceiling, table, walls, plates and just about every element in the room.  beautifully executed!

6.  Wood Ceilings

There is so much that can be done with wood ceilings that I could go on forever!  (fret not - I won't)  The vertical planks in the top picture which mirror the floors really elongates the room and makes it seemingly endless.
Horizontal planks and trusses give it a more traditional, cottage like feel (in my opinion).  I love the natural colored wood but it could also be painted!

7. Beam Ceilings
There are so many different ways to use beams!  The top picture evokes more of a ski lodge feel while the bottom can really be used in almost any home ranging from Victorian to modern; very dramatic!  the possibilites are endless!

8. Wallpapered Ceilings
not much to say except: STUNNING!


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