Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Repurposed: Everything Old is New Again!

I've come to realize that I love to use common items for purposes other than what they are intended for.  Case in point: I love jam and jelly jars as drinking cups.  I wish i ate more jelly....

Another really cool Idea i've recently come across is to Make a cork board from wine corks!  how fun!

Actually, these are sewn together (holes were pierced in the middle and they were connected by thread).  However, that seems tedious and painful.  I can't imagine cutting through cork to be any easy feat.  (i recently cut up cinnamon sticks for a class project and i was ready to bust out with a power saw).  Therefore, I would personally cut them using an exact-o knife, butcher knife, whatever, and then just superglue them to matboard or cardboard backing. 

As part of my Apartment Renovation (to be posted SOON) I want to take this empty bottle of jack daniels I have and use it as a flower vase.  I love the black and white writing and the square shape of the bottle.
I want to put in some vibrant red-orange daises!!!  So chic!

if anyone else has any other ideas - PLEASE share!  I'd be interested to know!

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