Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have SOO many ideas floating in my head.  I am actually really excited about my upcoming plans.  First: some background.  I moved out to San Diego in august of 2009 with my roommate.  In an effort to save money ALL of our furniture was given to us by family members, which of course I am grateful for, however, nothing matches and we have SUCH a hodgepodge of things.  Some are hideous, some are livable.  Overall however, it's just a mess.  I've been scheming for a while now as how to make our apartment super cute and cohesive with little to no budget while tying together our random furniture pieces.  Student Dilemma 101, right?!?!  well, I had an epiphany while at the Laguna Design Center talks.  I'm SO excited now!  I want to do a before and after project!  AHH!  but i will share with you my design inspirations through pictures.  I even made my roommate a powerpoint.  I'm such a dork. 

I want to document the whole process...the cost of each item, the before and afters!  So first I will show you my actual furniture (try not to vomit at their sight) and my inspiration pictures!

This is my living room now.  Ugh....so sad looking.  The coffee table i actually found on the sidewalk!  someone was throwing it out!  it's actually very pretty with a marble top.  The rug is mine as well (hand painted brown zebra stipes) and they are the only 2 things i actually like in this room.  everything else is a mess.  and we can't alter the paint...or carpet.  *sigh....*  so here is my game plan:

                                          here is my powerpoint slide of my inspirations!

The Sofa is in great condition so I am buying a slipcover (since i have ZERO idea on how to reupholster...but one day i WILL learn)  I found it on amazon for about 50 dollars!  (this is the most expensive of the items we would have to purchase).  I also figured since the walls are so white and boring that I could get a little crazy with color everywhere else.  

I then want to put some Orange-Red Coral pillows to really bring out the turquoise!   (in a brighter shade obviously)  There is a beautiful pattern by Schumacher called "Coral," but the image isn't up yet!
These flowers are also a color inspiration that I want to carry through into the kitchen:  

For the Living Room furniture I am just going to buy a stain and get all 3 wooden pieces the same shade of an espresso brown.

This is my Kitchen Inspiration board!

ughh....we got this table set for free.  i HATE it.  it's masculine...hideous...blahh.  here is my plan!

I want to sand off the finish and paint the chair turquoise!  (like the picture on the bottom)

then I want to add a new seat cover and I found this fabulous fabric from Schumacher named "Temple Garden."

I eventually want to take the glass top and make it into a mosaic like so:
Then, as in my re-purposed article, I am taking my Jack Daniels bottle and using it as a flower vase to put in some orange daises  :)

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