Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shutter Yourself In

another inspiration from Barry Dixon: Picture frames as indoor shutters!  so cute, right??

I love personalizing a space and what better way to do that than through the use of pictures!  I know you all already  know my obsession with pictures frames (as in my older post Frame It!)  but I also feel that shutters are underrated!  Although you can't actually open and close these, they still add SO much to the room.

In my History to Interiors class we studied that shutters were used indoors all the time in the middle ages.  Okay, okay, so mostly because a lot of people didn't have glass so they had to figure out how to keep the cold out, BUT - they also used shutters in little nooks in the wall to show/hide valuables on display!  

Rusticated, old fashion and brightly colored shutters are my favorite.  

source unknown

Look at this old Parisian apartment building! If this building didn't have such beautiful colored shutters it would probably look like a condemned ugly building but instead I feel it gives off a sense of nostalgia.  If shutters could speak....

*Sigh*  I suddenly have an overwhelming desire to install shutters.

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