Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Understated Elegance: Barry Dixon and Nancy Corzine

I had the opportunity to attend an AMAZING event at the Design Center in Laguna, CA yesterday. I went with Amy Meier (a true talent as an interior designer) whom I am interning for. I enjoyed it tremendously and it was truly inspiring.

first, I had the opportunity to hear Barry Dixon ( speak and I just have to saw that his portfolio is to DIE for. I have pages and pages of notes that just really inspired me but one thing he said really struck a chord: All his designs are based on the actual location he is designing for. He actually goes into the yard and incorporates flowers, trees, and the surrounding area to acquire his color palette. Although this seems obvious, I find that many people search for inspiration everywhere but their actual home. He spoke a lot about "Modern Luxury" and to mix the new with some nostalgia.

One room he did particularly appealed me to (he used A LOT of turquoise - my favorite color on this planet). He designed a room in St. Barts that is simply *STUNNING*

I LOVEE the rusticated turquoise washed double doors that open up to the ocean (the color of St. Barts is captured perfectly!) Barry said originally there was one door and he just busted out the wall to bring the outdoors inside.

EVERY single color from the area was incorporated into his design. It seems so obvious, and yet I feel many people and designers overlook their actual surroundings! The turquoise from the ocean, the sea green from the trees, the color of the sand, the yellows from bananas. amazing. breathtaking. to die for.

Nancy was truly inspirational. She spoke more about her life and hardships on her journey to become who she is today. Afterward, Amy purchased her book and we got to meet her and get her autograph! she is so sassy - I have somewhat of a girl crush on her. I am a student of interior design (as you know) and therefore I just want to learn EVERYTHING possible. so, OBVIOUSLY I did some research on her.

she also uses a lot of blue hues which has made me realize: if i could, I would incorporate turquoise or sapphire into EVERY room I designed.

I LOVE the blue against the white - so striking. Also, the white in the pattern is brought out even more paired with the all white pieces. everything else in the room is beautifully designed, yet doesn't take away from the focal point. understated. amazing. drool.

Sapphire dining room chairs - OMG! can i move in this apartment and never leave??? although these dining room chairs aren't my usual taste per se, the color suckered me in. The flowers look like they were purposely dyed to match the chairs (nature strives to achieve Nancy Corzine's perfection - not the other way around. remember that)

this post is so long! sorry! but it was a jam packed day! and i got a chocolate covered strawberry ;)

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