Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Textile Tactics!

I drove up to the Laguna Design Center yesterday and as my mother would say, I "made out like a bandit!"  I went into Kravet to grab some samples and they happened to be cleaning out stock/redoing the showroom and gave me THREE GARBAGE BAGS FULLLL of fabric samples! I'm beyond excited!  I have to sort through them and whatever i'm not going to keep for myself i'm donating to our school Materials Lab at the Design Institute of San Diego!  So thank you kravet!  

Secondly, I've been inspired by all these prints and so I took 2 of my favorite pictures and created my own textile prints from them!  kinda funn

A picture I took on my friends boat passing by the lighthouse in Old Saybrook, CT and below is the print i made based off my inspiration picture:

A cactus in Balboa Park (San Diego, CA) that I run by everyday!  how neat! and below is the print i made using this picture as my inspiration

I didn't have time to finish it, but imagine it repeated!

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