Friday, June 18, 2010

French Finess

I am sticking with my virtual European vacation and now we are headed over to France.  I found this beautiful home, courtesy of Remodelista.  It is a Provençal stone farmhouse in Nîmes with whitewashed interiors, owned by an antiques dealer and decorated with accessories from the area. Via Light Locations.

 I love the use of weathered wood and the pale blue throughout the home, from the furniture to even the ceiling! (check out my older post about fun ways you can incorporate your ceiling into the design of your home)

below are some ways your can bring some of the french county side into your home;

(I love the X-shaped base of the table)


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  1. some beautiful, rustic-looking pictures.....how is your writing and designing going for you? where does the inspiration come from to do the two?