Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On Fire!

it's that time of year when we bust out with our warm blankets and cozy up to a fire.  What if you don't have a fire, you ask? no problem! check out some amazing solutions to fireplaces i've found for you:

This is a bio-ethanol fireplace coffee table!  Unlike gas fireplaces, which give off a blue flame, the flame in a bioethanol fireplace is the closet thing you can get to a real crackling fire!  Ventilation is also not required because bio-ethanol does not add any extra CO2 to the air.  when ethanol is burned its emissions are roughly similar to human breath..pretty amazing.

For fire on the go try Roll Fire! Roll Fire a bioalcohol-fueled portable fireplace created by Sieger Design. The 26-inch-diameter "wheel" is crafted from steel and powder coated black, with borosilicate tempered glass in front and back. A full 4/5-liter tank yields two to three hours of burn time

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