Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Put a Cork in It.

Cork is a great environmentally friendly way to incorporate texture and a fun element into any room.  It is regularly harvested every 9 years from mature trees in the Mediterranean basin of Spain and Portugal and the process is actually good for the overall health of the tree and does  not require the tree to be cut down!

Cork is naturally moisture, mold, and insect repellant, and does not off gas.
It's available with water-based, solvent-free pigments, adhesives and varnishes. 

and this super versatile material is gorgeous!

 Cork wallpapered room divide via The Furniture Connector

Grogeous cork flooring via Globus Cork, CorkFloor.com.  

Cork as plank flooring via Archzine Design

crate and barrel

Its spongy surface makes it a good choice for kitchens where someone will be standing for long periods of time or rooms that need to control echos and acoustics.  

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