Friday, July 15, 2011

It's About Lime!

Try breathing new life into your walls with a lime-wash instead of regular old paint!

 Lime wash is made by dissolving slaked lime (or calcium hydroxide) in water, and has very low VOC (volatile organic compound) content (It's eco friendly!).   It's then mixed with pigment and dried.  Calcite crystals  absorb the color and are created by a chemical reaction; the final product looks slightly aged, with a slight glimmer as the crystals reflect light. You can do this by hand the old fashioned way, or buy it pre-mixed!

Some Things to Know:
Organic - No odors, no fumes, non-toxic  Anti-Fungus - lime paint allows walls to breathe and kills bacteria and mildew Unlimited 
Colors - Colors are custom made and the color palette is unlimited
Durability - Can last up to a century or more (similar to ancient frescos) and does not peel off like modern paints  
Lime paint allows stucco to breathe and allows air and water to flow, which is healthier for you and your house.

Via Apartment Therapy


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