Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reclaim The Past!

Being eco-friendly doesn't have to mean your home is aesthetically unappealing!  There are so many ways to incorporate "green design" into your home!  One way is to reuse things such as wood.  Reclaimed wood is one of my favorite elements to add to a room.  It really warms up the space and the look can be a little more rugged or more polished depending on your taste!
Elle Decor, Designed by Cavlert Wright, Photography by Roger Davies

Via Architectural Digest
I love the juxtaposition of the earthy wood elements with the stark white contrast! Simple but it makes a big statement!
Martha's Vineyard Farm House Kids Bed Room Via Elle Decor

Antique Herringbone Flooring.  Via Kitchen and Bath People
So beautiful!

One of my favorite sources for reclaimed wood is Elmwood.  They have beautiful selections and are amazingly helpful!

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